Just three years ago I was introduced to the BBW Community. I had spent a life of self loathing over the way I looked and for a good part of my 20's I locked myself away from everyone and everything. Through years of therapy, I learned that what others thought of me wasn't my business. What I needed to focus on was discovering my truth, and learning to love and accept myself the way I am, and only then could I make the appropriate and healthy decisions I needed for my life.

After getting to that place of self acceptance did I meet someone that introduced me to the BBW world. I never knew it existed. There are people that love their size, and there men and woman who are attracted to these large people? It was mind blowing!!!

After researching about it, I came across a few videos from FA's (Fat Admirers) that were sharing their thoughts about what it was like to be attracted to bigger woman. I created a video response to Coen, Curvy Shrine's, video and the rest is history. I have been recording vlogs and an active member in the BBW Community ever since.

I hope to bring Being an SSBBW to a whole another level of vlogs and production. Its time to get real and talk about those things that aren't PC.

I thank everyone that has supported me and subscribed to my channel, and I encourage you to check out this site for future blogs to accompany my videos, like my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram.

My Story